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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers aim to give you a better understanding of the relationship between Hume City Council, Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF), the Provider (Green Home Green Planet) and you.



You can register for a free, no obligation quote now. Solar rebates are still being processed by the Victorian Government and solar installations will recommence as soon as restrictions allow.


What is Yarra Energy Foundation’s role in this project?

Hume City Council engaged the Yarra Energy Foundation following a competitive process to deliver the Hume Household Solar Roll-Out. Through a rigorous evaluation process, YEF have selected a reputable solar provider with a good solar offer at reasonable prices. We have made this offer available for a limited period and are here to provide independent advice to the homeowner as they embark on their solar journey.

What was the selection criteria for identifying a preferred provider?

To select the preferred supplier YEF considered the following:

  • Capacity (company longevity and experience)
  • Product quality and warranties
  • Service
  • Price
  • Community contributions

In addition, the following requirements were evaluated:

  • Supplier insurances
  • Professional reference checks and customer reviews
  • Clean Energy Council membership
  • Industry accreditations and memberships
  • Staff qualifications and training

Who is responsible for my contract for installation and maintenance?

Residents who decided to accept a quote, enter into a supplier contract with Green Home Green Planet. Green Home Green Planet is responsible for the installation, services, products, and warranties subject to the terms of your supplier contract provided in your quote. Yarra Energy Foundation is not responsible for these matters but is available to respond to any questions you may have about the offer.

What are the obligations of the Supplier?

The terms of your individual contract will outline the obligations of Green Home Green Planet.

What are my obligations as a registrant? What if I change my mind?

If you have registered your interest and received a final quotation, but have changed your mind, you have no obligation to proceed with the installation of a solar PV system. Once you have decided to proceed with the final quotation by making a deposit/signing a contract, your agreement will be with Green Home Green Planet and not with the Yarra Energy Foundation or Hume City Council. If you change your mind after entering into a contract with the supplier, you will need to discuss this with Green Home Green Planet. YEF is not responsible for these matters.

What happens if I am dissatisfied with the performance of Green Home Green Planet during the installation and maintenance process?

Depending on your individual contract with Green Home Green Planet, your options will vary. You should discuss your concerns directly with Green Home Green Planet. Although YEF is not part of your individual supplier contract, if at any time during the installation and maintenance of your solar PV systems, the supplier has not provided products and services as agreed and you are not satisfied with their response to your concerns, you should contact YEF and we will take reasonable endeavours to help you overcome any issues with the supplier.

What will be done with my personal information and how will it be used?

YEF will not disclose your personal information to any third parties except for the purpose of putting you in contact with Green Home Green Planet or Hume City Council if you have provided consent. Green Home Green Planet will only contact you about the products and services you have expressed interest in.

What if there is a Heritage Overlay on my house?

A Heritage Overlay does not necessarily prevent you from installing rooftop solar panels but you will probably need a planning permit. Please contact Hume’s Statutory Planning team on for advice.


To find out whether your property is affected by a Heritage Overlay check here:

Need more help?

I have further questions. Who should I talk to?

YEF is here to help – give us a call on (03) 7037 6040 with any questions you may have.


Remember – this program aims to make installing solar easy and cost effective for Hume households. The more people that take part in the Hume Household Solar Roll-Out, the more solar we’ll donate to a local community group. Spread the word!