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Our Community
Solar Donation

Our Community Solar Donation

The Yarra Energy Foundation and Green Home Green Planet are committed to helping communities’ transition to a zero carbon economy in the most equitable way possible.

Access to local renewable energy will increase the resilience of Hume and soften the impact of energy price shocks and reduce the region’s collective carbon footprint. We believe that we all need to pull together and help out where we can to help spread the power of the sun.

How does Hume Household Solar Roll-Out community solar donation work?

For every 50-kW installed through the Program, 0.5 kW of solar PV will be donated for a Hume Community building. If we reach 500 kw, the donation we’ll be able to donate a 5-kW system! All the more reason to chat to your neighbours and get the whole community on board!

Who can apply?

We’re currently creating a shortlist of local community groups that would be good candidates for solar. If you have someone in mind, give us a call on (03) 7037 6040 and let us know.

Remember – this program aims to make installing solar easy and cost effective for Hume households. The more people that take part in the Hume Household Solar Roll-Out, the more solar we’ll donate to a local community group. Spread the word!