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Solar energy products and prices

Hume City Council has partnered with the Yarra Energy Foundation and accredited solar supplier, Green Home Green Planet, to offer quality, affordable solar energy systems to Hume residents.

Most households in Hume are eligible for the financial support available from the Victorian Government to reduce the upfront cost of installing solar. This consists of a rebate of $1400 and the option of a no interest loan of $1400.

Concession card holders can find it harder to cover rising energy bills and may not have the funds available for a solar energy system, even with Victorian Government rebates. To help these households enjoy the savings from solar, Hume Council is providing rebates to concession card holders, enabling them to install a system starting with a $100 base level price (if they take up the $1400 no-interest loan from the Victorian Government). The final amount to be paid depends on the specific installation requirements and any take up of the no-interest loan.

Solar Energy Products

A solar energy system is made up of the photo-voltaic (PV) panels and an inverter. The inverter converts direct current from the panels into alternating current for use in the home.

We offer two inverter options: a standard inverter (Goodwe brand) or a premium inverter (Fronius brand). Goodwe is a cost-effective entry level option. Fronius are excellent quality and offer greater monitoring capacity of the system’s solar generation. Both options are battery-compatible if you choose to install batteries in the future.

Optimisers and micro-inverters are also available for panels that may be under shade from trees or chimneys. When the solar supplier calls you to organise a quote, they will discuss options with you.


Base Level Prices

All installed prices are inclusive of GST and are after the Federal Government’s Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STC) rebates have been applied.

System size in Kilowatts (kW)
Standard System Price
Price after Vic Gov rebate and loan
System size in kilowatts (kW)
Premium System price
Price after Vic Gov rebate and loan
Concession card holder price

The prices on this page are for routine installations – the final cost of a solar energy system will depend on your specific circumstances including:

  • double-storey homes
  • steep roofs
  • split arrays
  • use of microinverters due to shading
  • additional wiring
  • any required switchboard upgrades

You can also receive advice about batteries and proceed to installation if they are right for you.

Government rebate and loan

Through their Solar Homes program, the Victorian Government offers rebates of $1,400 and the option of a four-year, no-interest loan up to $1,400 to eligible households – see below. After rebates and loans, you can purchase a solar system for reduced upfront cost, and the loan repayments are often less than the electricity bill savings from the solar system. If you are eligible, you may choose to receive the rebate and not take out the no-interest loan if you prefer.

For your household to be eligible for the rebate and/or loan:

  • you are the owner-occupier of the property
  • the combined household taxable income of all owners of less than $210,000 per year
  • the property is valued at under $3 million
  • the property address has not previously received a solar panel (PV) rebate under the Solar Homes program
  • the property has not had a solar PV system installed in the last ten years*.

*Early adopters who installed solar more than ten years ago are eligible for a rebate to replace their current system.

There are also solar rebates available for rental properties. Not-for-profit community housing providers are eligible to apply for a rebate on behalf of their tenants.

Yarra Energy Foundation and Green Home Green Planet can help you access the rebate and loan, if you are eligible.

Hume Council Rebate

To further reduce the upfront costs of solar, Hume City Council is offering the following rebates to concession card holders* in Hume who are eligible for the Solar Victoria rebate:

  • A $920 Council rebate for concession card holders who install the 3.08kW Goodwe system**
  • A $850 Council rebate for concession card holders who install any of the other system sizes or those who select the 3.08kW system with the Fronius inverter

*Holders of the card types that are eligible for water, energy and utilities relief concessions through the Victoria Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.

**The higher rebate for the smallest standard system is to enable concession card holders to install a system starting with a $100 base level price (if they take up the $1400 no-interest loan from the Victorian Government). The final amount to be paid depends on the specific installation requirements and any take up of the no-interest loan.

There is a limited number of Council rebates available for Hume households that hold a concession card. To claim the Council rebate, you need to install solar through the Hume Solar Roll Out.

Need help?

If you have any questions about the products or pricing, or would like assistance to understand or compare quotes, please contact Yarra Energy Foundation on (03) 7037 6040. Staff are available to assist you on your journey to produce clean, affordable energy.

About the program

This program is a partnership between Hume City Council and the Yarra Energy Foundation, with Green Home Green Planet the solar provider.